Yowas was born in 1981. For 30 years, we have made illusion and fashion a product. We accompany your children in their growth.
Our styling department is in permanent contact with the main currents of national and international fashion, which allows us to be within the cutting-edge trends each season, all our products being manufactured in Spain at a totally competitive price. Our best endorsement is made up of more than 3,000 clients from all over the world who, season after season, trust us, and thanks to their collaboration they allow our collections to reach that commercial and innovative character that is so difficult to achieve.
Comfort and creativity are the goals pursued by our collections. In our catalogs you can find a wide range of items, from size 19 to 41, specially designed for every occasion: street, sports, school and ceremony shoes.

The importance of quality

Our R & D department is in continuous and direct collaboration with the most accredited independent technological organizations of the footwear industry in Spain, which allows us to carry out periodically various tests and tests of the materials used in our manufacture, as the finished product, in order to raise our level of demand in terms of quality.

Aware of the importance of footwear for health and the proper development of children, Yowas is committed to the quality of all the raw materials it uses. The use of latest technology programs and machinery, our highly qualified personnel, the careful manufacturing process and its exhaustive quality control guarantee a product with great added value and the satisfaction of our national and international clients.
The skin used and the technical characteristics of our product allow children to enjoy all their activities, ensuring their comfort and favoring the natural growth of their feet.
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